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Brandon Richardson, PGA Director of Instruction, has been playing golf for more than 27 years, turning professional in 2003. Brandon operates “Golf with Freedom” Learning Centre out of Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe, providing a unique and empowering approach to learning golf. Golf with Freedom is geared for all skill levels and based on the concepts of “Extraordinary Golf” first developed by one of golf’s most successful instructors, Fred Shoemaker.

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Given enough interest in a 2 day golf school and a 3rd day for private lessons, there is a fabulous opportunity to bring Brandon and his Golf with Freedom Learning Centre to Hinton.

The structure of classes would be as follows:

Day 1

  • Learning how we learn
  • Putting
  • Chipping (throwing)
  • Pitching

Day 2

  • Pre-shot creation
  • Solid contact off turf/tee
  • Curving the ball
  • Wrap up

Day 3  

  • Private 1 or 1⁄2 hour lesson times available


The cost will be dependant upon how many people enroll. Normally Brandon’s fee is $125 (US$) per hour, or approximately $163 Canadian. However, that fee can be brought down if there is enough people enrolled in the 2 day program. We would be looking at the following parameters for the Golf School:

  • 12 – 15 students ....$390 (Cdn)
  • 16 – 19 students ....$360
  • 20 + students .........$325
  • Private lessons on day 3 will be at full price.


Classes will be broken down into smaller groups with day and evening classes available to accommodate work schedules. Golf with Freedom is currently scheduled to be here Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday August 22, 23 & 24.


If this sounds like something you would enjoy or benefit from, you can register and pay at the pro shop or by contacting Gwen Holden at cell/text 780-817-1361. Payment of $390 must be included with your registration. As each threshold of discount is reached, you will be refunded the difference. If there is not enough interest to bring “Golf with Freedom Learning Centre” to Hinton, all your money will be given back to you. As time is required for Brandon to make travel arrangements etc., your registration and money must be in by July 31st. This is a great opportunity to experience a “game changer”, lets not pass it up! Thank you


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