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Call (780) 865-2904 for more details

2017 Ladies Golf in a Box Promotion commences on December 1st-We will sell out!  Call for details.

Initiation Fee (All Initiation Fees & Memberships are subject to 5% GST)
Adult Initiation Fee (18-65 yrs old) $830.00
Senior Initiation Fee (65+ yrs old) $620.00

Initiation fees are a one time non-refundable and non-transferable fee. Both adults in a family membership or senior couple membership must pay an initiation fee.

Payment Plans are available to defer a portion of the initiation fee over multiple years. Ask our management staff for more details.

Membership Rates-Memberships Purchased Before October 31st earn 15%

back in the form of a gift card to spend anywhere at the club! 

if paid with debit, cheque or cash.

Timbits Membership (Aged 5 to 11) $300.00
Junior Membership (Aged 12 to 17) $450.00
Student Membership (Aged 19 to 24 w valid ID) $500.00
Intermediate (Aged 25 to 30) $890.00
Senior Membership (Aged 65+) $980.95
Single Membership $1238.00
Senior Couple Membership $1749.75
Family Membership (Includes 2 Junior aged 12 to 17) $2600.00
Couple Membership $2238.09
Additional Services  
Single Club/Cart Locker $100.00
Double Club/Cart Locker $150.00
Unlimited Driving Range $199.99
Unilimited Cart Single  (Available to HGC members only) $799.99
Unlimited Cart Couple  (Available to HGC members only) $1350.99
Corporate Advertising Membership  
Birdie Package 1 (50 Unrestricted Passes)
Bench Advertising All Season Long



Eagle Package 2 (50 Unrestricted Passes)
Bench Advertising All Season Long



Click to View ---Membership_Regulations_2016.pdf

*Student memberships valid for individuals aged 19 to 24 with a valid student ID and prooof of enrollment.

*Individuals aged 19+ without a valid Student IDor proof of enrollment will be catergorized as a Single Adult Member.

*Membership Category's apply to your age as of May 1st of the current playing season.

*Corporate memberships allow multiple players in the same business play off of one membership.  Maximum 16 passes       each day for Birdie and Eagle Unrestricted Passes.

*If you are considering a membership at HGC you can redeem up to three paid green fees against your purchase as long   as you submit paid receipts prior to May 31 of the current playing season.

*Birdie Walking Membership

*Eagle Cart membership

*Corporate memberships do not include driving range privileges.

*Corporate memberships are designed to allow for one official designate to be the holder of the promotional membership.  During the registration process this person is selected and will be the expressed member in relation to leagues, member in house competitions and events.  Only one designate for each Corporate Membership can be assigned.  Under the Corporate membership model only one designate per league can be assigned.  All other will be considered non members when enrolling into the specified league.  


 ** Limited Availability **