The Course

Par 5
516 yds

Great Par 5 which is reachable in two for the longer hitters. Favour the right side away from the pond on the left, which will give you a great angle at either going for it in two or a nice lay up.

Par 4
391 yds

A left to right ball flight is optimal for this tee shot. A good drive will leave you setup to approach this green in two.

Par 3
198 yds

Beautiful Par 3 which will require a straight tee shot. A small pot bunker on the left side is a no-no, as this will be a tough up and down no matter where the pin is.

Par 4
354 yds

Play this hole wisely as an errant tee shot could add up to a big number. Fairway wood or long iron off the tee is the play, leaving you a short iron into this green. A creek bed runs through this hole at about the 75-yard mark to the green.

Par 5
529 yds

Narrow Par 5 tee shot which favours a left to right ball flight, longer hitters might have a go, but the responsible way is to play this as a 3 shot Par 5.

Par 4
347 yds

Uphill Par 4 with bunkers lining the right-hand side. Driver is not needed to Par this hole.

Par 4
409 yds

This signature hole has a great view of the Rocky Mountains in the background. Straightaway Par 4 with a pond on the left side of the green.

Par 3
201 yds

Slight downhill Par 3 will require an accurate tee shot to hit this green. Mid to short iron for most staying away from the bunker on the left and pond on the right.

Par 5
539 yds

Bombs away Par 5 with little trouble off the tee unless you hit an errant tee shot. Longer hitters can go after this in two which should setup a nice birdie opportunity. Bunkers on the right-hand side as well as one left of the green. Also a pond on the left. Play this hole as a risk and reward.

Par 4
402 yds

Blind tee shot which makes aiming on this hole crucial, aim down the right side of the fairway as everything slopes from the right. A good drive here will leave you a shorter iron which is key, as the front apron is usually pretty hard sending balls to the back of the green and maybe off.

Par 5
511 yds

Slight dog leg to the right, aim your tee shot left fairway which should give you a favourable kick into the middle. This is a green light opportunity for the longer hitters.

Par 3
169 yds

Unique Par 3 with a humongous tree impairing the vision to the green. Short is not a bad play as the farther right you go, they call this the valley of making five.

Par 4
333 yds

Left to right Par 4, be sure to aim for the 150-yard marker as this will give you the best angle towards this small green. Bunker in the front and back make the approach shot very delicate.

Par 4
355 yds

Water all the way up the left side making a right to left shot very dangerous. Fairway wood to long iron here is the play. Do not hit your approach long as the ball has a good chance of going out of bounds.

Par 3
190 yds

Mid range Par 3 with water on the left and bunkers. Mid to low iron is usually required with the prevailing wind usually in your face.

Par 4
432 yds

Bombs away on this hole, as most players struggle to hit this green in two. Narrow green sloping left into a bunker and right down the hill which will give you an almost impossible up and down. Par is a great score on this hole.

Par 3
163 yds

Mini Par 3, but can get you if you hit your ball into the right bunker. Hitting long of the pin usually gives you a slippery downhill putt.

Par 4
397 yds

Slightly blind tee shot, but aim right at the clubhouse to leave you in the middle of the fairway. No bunkers, but a pond behind this green makes your club selection and guessing the wind key.